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Unmatchable Sounds

Client FAQ:

Frequently asked questions when ordering a master.



What do I need to do with my track to be ready to master?


For all PRE-Masters all I ask is for is -6 DB on your Master buss with no plugin's on the master buss if possible as this gives me the best headroom to add hardware analogue processing and mastering.

How do I pay for my master?

I accept payment via paypal. Just add your chosen master/s via the store above and it will automatically be added to you 'cart'; then its just an easy checkout process.

How do I send my master after payment?

Please use 'WE TRANSFER' as it is solid and reliable and gives 2-way proofs of delivery so you know exactly where your files are at.


When can I expect my master?


I offer a no messing about turnaround within 1-2 days; the exception being for an LP master (5 tracks upwards) as this will stretch to a couple of days session. Any more questions? Contact Sappo here or order your master below.

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